Mr. Gregory Shahnovsky

President & CEO

Holds M.Sc. in process control engineering and MBA in business administration. He has more than 25 years of practical experience in chemical and petroleum industries, from field engineer to the company executive. Under Mr. Shahnovsky's leadership, Modcon Systems has quickly grown to profitability and #1 market positions with its innovative line of process analyzers, optimization and control solutions.

Mr. Arnon Tal

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Holds B.Sc from the Israel Institute of Technology. Has over 40‐years experience in the process industry and biotechnology production industry, I&C, process control and projects management, including process analyzers, distributed control systems, PLC’s, fail‐safe control, ESD, HMI development, instrumentation and control design engineering, bio-reactors and fermentation processes.

Mr. Natan Marko

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Holds M.B.A degree from Ono academic college in finance & capital market specialization. Senior level executive with extensive hands-on experience in management, business leadership and working with board of directors, banks and attorneys. Established record of success implementation of financial procedure. Strong in budget, cash forecasts, business valuations, acquisitions and audits.

Mr. Rudolf Ansheles

COO (Chief Operations Officer, SBU-3 VP)

Holds M.Sc degree of process engineering from Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry. He has a long practical experience with all kinds of oil refinery processes, control and optimization, application engineering and refinery plants complete packages manufacturing.

Mr. Dani Hait

Sales & Applications Manager (SBU-1 VP)

Has more than 10 years of practical experience with on-line analyzers and process control systems. Mr. Hait has been graduated as an Instrumentation Engineer and qualified as Siemens gas-chromatography specialist, with rich experience in field service and business development.

Mr. Ariel Kigel

R&D Department Manager (SBU-2 VP)

Holds Ph.D. in physical chemistry and MBA in business administration. Leads market-oriented development and day-to-day operations of on-line process analytical systems for conventional industry. Leads definition and development of new applications into new industries, overseeing multi-national teams.