MOD-6400 Sulfur Analyzer utilizes field-proven ultraviolet (UV) fluorescence or ED-XRF technology to continuous monitor the Total Sulphur content found in gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products. The both technologies are non-consuming methods of detection, eliminating the hassles associated with replacing tape cartridges, and enables detection as low as 10 ppb, depending on application, with stable, reproducible results.

The analyzer is designed to meet technical requirements of ASTM D5453 and ASTM D6667. The undesirable sulfur compounds (i.e. H2S, DMS, COS, CH3SH, CS2, etc) are converted into sulfur dioxide (SO2) under precisely controlled temperature and flow conditions.

SO2 + hv1 → SO2* → SO2 + hv2

When SO2 is exposed to UV light energy, hv1, it creates an “excited” form of sulfur dioxide, SO2*. A molecule in a high, vibration level of the excited state, SO2*, will quickly fall to its lowest vibration level by losing energy to other molecules through collision. Fluorescence occurs when the molecule returns to its electronic ground state. The intensity of the emitted light, hv2, is directly proportional to the total Sulfur content found in the sample.

The converted sample gas is passed from converter, through the water removal dryer, and directly onto the UV Fluorescence Analyzer where the SO2 Analysis takes place and is conveniently displayed, as Total Sulfur, for the operator view.

MOD-6400 series are a single or multi-stream analysis system solution which provides the end-user with a wide variety of links to ensure effective system operation. In addition to conventional 4-20mA outputs for tracking the Total Sulfur concentration, the MOD-6400 can also provide number of discrete I/O’s as well as a bidirectional RS-232/RS-485 and Ethernet communication capability. This enhanced system communication capability allows the end-user to maintain an up-to-the-minute status of how the system is functioning and also allows remote calibration or range changes, would the process require it.

Superior flow and temperature control of liquid-phase samples via Quartz Tube Converter Module Pyrolysis Technology ensuring high reliability and repeatability. Wide range of analyzer diagnostic capabilities can continuously provide plant operators with system status conditions.

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