6491231191The Wobbe Index is the main indicator of the interchangeability of combustible gases, for combustion process optimization.

The Wobbe index is used to compare calorific gases having different chemical composition .
Calorific gas stream analysis  is used to estimate the energy obtained by burning for best fuel efficiency.

How does this work?

In the combustion process you can use two different types of fuel when having identical Wobbe index performance .

Stream quality analysis using MOD-7700 analyzer can monitor the optimal ratio between them, in order to minimize the influence of fluctuations in fuel gas quality, and can therefore be used to improve the efficiency of gas turbines constructions.

Simultaneous monitoring of Wobbe and CARI parameters.

MOD- 7700 analyzer provides simultaneous definition of the Wobbe index, of the calorific value and CARI ( amount of oxygen required for the combustion process ) . There is no direct relationship between the Wobbe index and the amount of oxygen required for the combustion process for flue gases containing CO and H2 . It is therefore necessary to measure each of these parameters for efficient control of the relationship between the fuel gas and the air.