Many petrochemicals like light olefins are produced as side products during crude oil refining. It is very compatible with having petrochemical products like light olefins (BTX, Ethylene, Propylene, Butanes, etc.) from crude oil due to its availability anywhere and low price. In recent years the demand for petrochemical products has been growing while the need for fuel products has been decreasing. In addition, pressure from society to reduce environmental impacts is applied, hence the need for transformation facilities that focus on producing these products directly from crude oil is growing.

The current scenario presents significant challenges to the crude oil refining industry, which has to adapt from fossil fuels to renewable energy and light olefins production from available feedstocks. As a result of sustainable efforts, refineries face the increased complexity of process control and supply chain management.

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Predictive Analysis to Maximize Light Olefins from Crude Oil
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