fermentation systems

Fermentation plants Production

In addition to having a vast experience with fermentation systems revamps and renovations, Modcon Systems also has a well verified experience with complete fermentation systems production. These systems are fitted specifically to the customer’s demands and to the process’ requirements (Tailor made). In addition to  the fermenter itself, these systems include also the complete integral and peripheral systems required for the operation- from a sterilizable air supply/exhaust systems, through measurement and control of pH and DO, to an advanced control system operated by a computer with a touch screen.

Example Project


A general description of the process:

A fermentation system which includes a stirred vessel with a total volume of 1500L and a working volume of 1200L, designated to work with bacteria, in batches.

The vessel is equipped with a bottom stirrer that has three rotors. The rotors ‘height’ can be adjusted.

The vessel has five additives-connections that are sterilized with the fermenter and are designated for liquids addition in a sterile way. A sterile connection of additives is also possible after sterilization and while the fermentor is at work.

The system includes an In-Situ sterilizable air supply filter, with a 0.2 micron filtration level, and an In-Situ sterilizable exhaust air filter, with a 0.2 micron filtration level.

The system is controlled by a computerized control unit, which includes a programmable controller (PLC) and an HMI (Human Machine Interface) computer for operation. The control system enables a completely automated operation.

It also includes:

  • Supplies of process steam, clean steam, cooling water, desalinated water and air
  • Control loops for temperature, pressure, pH, DO and stirrer speed
  • On/Off Solenoid valves for automatic/manual operation
  • Computerized control system for the operation sequences of the air supply filter, exhaust air filter, stirrer and fermenter. For each one of the above, three operation sequences were defined: ‘Standby’, ‘Sterilization’ and ‘Work’. For the fermenter itself three more sequences are defined: ‘Harvest valve sterilization’, ‘Filling’ and ‘Harvest’.