The wide range of various organic and inorganic components makes it difficult to reliable determine natural gas qualitatively and quantitatively. There is a very exact definition of quality together with exact control in the international natural gas business to quarantee that delivery agreements are exactly observed.

On-line Analytical System is a complete equipment set, which allows performing the following tasks in real time mode and in field conditions:

  • Continuous sampling of gas from pipeline or process vessel, its filtration and separation from accompanying impurities (solid particles, salts, oils, aerosols of liquid hydrocarbons, glycols, amines etc’)
  • Sample preparation for analysis of physical and chemical parameters according to specifications of analytical devices (incoming gas temperature, pressure, flow rate etc’)
  • Analysis of critical gas parameters, which are necessary for assessment of its quality and suitability for processing, transportation and use,
  • Transfer of analysis results to customer’s gas processing facility control room by means of electronic communication
  • Automatic gas leak detection and indication of dangerous gas concentration levels in Analyzer house.

Natural gas quality on-line analytical system model MOD-1020 has been designed for continuous measurement the following quality characteristics of natural gas:

  • Gas chemical composition, molecular weight, Wobbe index and Upper Calorific Value – CV, which is the latent energy content of a gas which is released during combustion.
  • Concentration of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) content in natural gas
  • Hydrocarbon Dew Point (HDP) is a temperature at which higher hydrocarbons condense. Liquid phase is produced in the gas pipeline if the hydrocarbon dew point is fallen below. The accumulation of liquid in the pipelines can lead to a plug flow and may destroy the compressors in the pumping station
  • Water Dew Point (WDP) is the temperature at which water condenses out. Water together with hydrocarbons favors the generation of solids, in particular during the decompression of gas from high-pressure pipelines. The solids block gas fittings, and the water is corrosive.

Concentration of flammable gases and hydrogen sulfide in Analyzer house (emergency detectors)

Analyzer Houses including air-conditioning, power distribution, lighting, termination and junction boxes, gas and flame detection, relevant piping and wiring.

  • Process sample probes and sample transport lines designed to ensure representative and rapid sampling, avoiding a possibility of contamination or dead volume.
  • Sample Conditioning systems to provide the sample in a state and condition compatible to the measurement technique used by analyzers.
  • Sample recovery systems, stream selection facilities, telephone modem connections, furniture, special equipment and tools, etc.

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