Transmitters and Meters

Transmitters are an integral part of on-line measurement systems used to monitor and control industrial processes. METTLER TOLEDO offers a comprehensive range of transmitters for pH, DO, conductivity, resistivity, TOC, dissolved ozone, turbidity, CO2 and flow. A wide range of transmitters meet specific customer needs in many different industries and with highest standards in line…


pH and Redox Sensors

Monitoring of pH and redox (ORP) is important in many different industrial processes to reduce cost and optimize yield. The requirements of various industry processes are different. For example, in chemical processes sensors must withstand acids or caustic solutions at high temperatures. The electrodes may also require be certification for use in hazardous areas. In…


Conductivity / Resistivity Sensors

Conductivity measurements are carried out in industrial processes primarily to obtain information on total ionic concentrations (e.g. dissolved compounds) in aqueous solutions. Widely used applications are water purification, CIP/SIP control and the measurement of concentration levels in solutions. The measuring system consists of an appropriate inline sensor directly inserted or in a housing, a cable…


TOC / Total Organic Carbon Instruments

Features Continuous flow design provides rapid TOC response. Gas and reagent-free operation. Ultra low TOC detection limit and wide dynamic range. Meets USP , and EP 2.2.44 requirements. RS232 and 4-20 mA outputs. Benefits Continuous analysis, no time-consuming batch measurement cycle. Obtains real data as it happens and reacts with alarms when necessary. Low maintenance:…


O3 / Dissolved Ozone Sensors

THORNTON dissolved ozone sensors are designed for reliable monitoring in the sanitization of pharmaceutical waters and semiconductor ultrapure water. They give reliable and accurate response and require only infrequent, simple maintenance. They provide stable measurements both in normal ozonation ranges and near zero, after ozone destruction. Dissolved ozone sensors connect to the widely used THORNTON…



Turbidity measurements provide data on the concentration of undissolved, suspended particles present in a liquid phase. The determined particle concentration is used for process monitoring and optimization e.g. to control biomass growth, crystallization and filtration processes or concentration measurement of solid matters in wastewater. Two optical turbidity measurement solutions are available: one is based on…


CO2 / Dissolved Carbon Dioxide

Besides pH and dissolved oxygen measurements, reliable monitoring and control of the CO2 partial pressure is important for successful fermentation. The oxidation of carbohydrates to CO2 water results from aerobic respiration. METTLER TOLEDO’s new CO2 measuring system is specially designed for in-situ measurement into a bioreactor and therefore “registrates” exactly the same partial pressure as…


Flow Sensors

THORNTON offers a variety of paddlewheel, vortex shedding, and sanitary turbine flow sensors to meet the needs of most pure water treatment applications. Smart flow sensors convey their precalibrated values to the 770MAX instrument for ease of installation and startup. Pulse flow sensors can be used with the 770MAX or M300 instruments.


Cleaning and Calibration Systems

Automated cleaning systems for cleaning of electrodes and sensors during an ongoing process without interruptions is gaining even wider acceptance in the industry. There are clear benefits from the inclusion of cleaning systems in processes with heavily contaminating media and in such which run continuously over longer periods. Manpower for maintenance work is reduced and…