Sample Transport Systems

Sample Transport Systems Sample transport systems present tremendous opportunities for improved analyzer accuracy. Chemical and petrochemical industries around the world have clearly identified that yield, scrap and compliance improvements can be directly attributed to the effectiveness of the sample transport system. Analyzers will function only as well as the transport system yet this same system… Details

Sample Recovery System

Sample Recovery System The Sample Recovery System offered by Modcon designed to collect spent sample from on-line process analyzers and periodically return this sample back to the process lines. 100 liter tank available in Stainless Steel. Tank is equipped with sampleconnection to allow hook-up from one or more analyzers. Tank is equipped with magnetic level switches to…


Closed loop sampling systems

The LPG sample systems enable operators to obtain samples of liquids with high vaporization pressures. Sample is captured in a sample cylinder for easy transportation to the lab. Texas Sampling cylinder saddles help ensure proper alignment and prevent leakage when connecting the cylinder. The cylinder is safely secured to the plate by the saddles. For…


Filter Coalescer

The Modcon MOD-100 Coalescer Filter was developed to provide reliable and efficient fuel and lubricating oil filtration system for mostly petroleum analyzer applications. It is used for separating water from insulating oil, jet fuels, diesel fuels, kerosene and gasoline. According to petroleum production standards the amount of water in fluids should be kept low concentrated.…