Heated Enclosures

HEATPAK is a partial enclosure system that provides freeze protection and high pour point temperature maintenance for the process wetted portions of transmitter installations. Retrofit for existing applications Engineered system for new installations Low cost alternative to disposable insulation Steam and electric heat Low profile Easy to order and install


Coated Tubing

Industry-standard tubing with an extruded SV47 jacket J-LINE® is used in applications where additional corrosion protection or mechanical protection is required. J Line is not insulated or heated. J-Line tubing is ideal for pneumatic and hydraulic applications in corrosive atmospheres. Industry-standard tubing coated with O’Brien SV47 polymer provides increased protection against galvanic and atmospheric corrosion as…


Insulated Tubing Bundles

A weather-proofed, preinsulated single tubing line S-LINE®  is designed specifically for liquid and gas transport lines where heat loss and personnel protection and heat loss are important. S-LINE offers an inexpensive alternative to field insulation and weatherproofing of small-diameter lines. Typical Applications Steam supply lines Condensate return lines Small-diameter process lines Product Features Personnel protection Weatherproofing…


Steam Traced Bundles

Steam-traced tubing bundles may be used for analyzers and instrument impulse lines. Light tracing (TPL) places a measure of insulation between the steam tracer and the process tube. It is generally used to provide freeze protection for instrument impulse lines and process lines for analyzers. Light steam tracing provides protection over a longer length than…


Electric Traced Bundles

Advantages of Electric Tracers Maintains freeze protection, close temperature tolerances or viscosity control. Excellent for maintaining long, continuous lengths of impulse lines and piping at consistent temperatures. Good for situations where steam is not available or steam supply could be interrupted, such as during shutdowns. Complete design package – we’ll provide engineering support and failure…


Tube Selection for Analyzer Sample Systems

Selecting the right process tube for use in analyzer sample transport systems requires consideration of process and application conditions. There are a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic tubes available: welded and seamless 316 series stainless steel and more exotic alloys are also used. Common non-metallic tube materials are PFA, PFE, and PTFE fluoropolymers polyethylene…