The products range from industry renowned barriers and isolators through to sophisticated process control products; all have been designed for the harsh environments often encountered in the process industry.

For the majority of IS applications there is a choice of either a barrier or an isolator.


Use if existing system is predominantly barriers



Low dissipation


Restricted voltage available in hazardous area

Higher packing density

Safety earth fundamental

Lower cost

Good frequency response (100KHz)

Higher accuracy and linearity (0.1%)

Imposes a ‘0’ volt level on system

More vulnerable to lightning and other surges


Use if existing system is predominantly isolators

Complex ~ lower MTBF

Application specific

High dissipation (2VA)

Separate power supply

Higher voltage (power) available in hazardous and safe area

Lower packing density

Safety earth has reduced significance

Higher cost

Limited frequency response

Lower accuracy and linearity (0.25%)

Complete isolation between signals

Less vulnerable to lightning and other surges


The complete range of ground breaking Industrial Ethernet solutions including the Tofino™ Security Solution, the world’s first Intrinsically Safe Power Over Ethernet POEx™ and through our relationships with industry leading manufacturers a full range of economical Ethernet products.


0586818968The high-quality HMI & on-site operating stations for industrial and Ex-endangered production areas. The modular concept consisting of intrinsically safe components and the deliberate selection of high-quality materials allow GECMA HMI to be used under the strictest of hygienic conditions as well as in aggressive production environments. Even under temperature conditions of -30°C to +60°C there is no functional impairment.