5The MOD-500-TDL is a unique analyzer that fits anywhere in your process thanks to the broadest range of in situ and on-line process adaptations. It has a proven track record in process and safety applications such as:

  • Combustion control
  • Process control
  • Chlorination and oxychlorination
  • Flare safety control
  • Combustion Safety control
  • ESP filter protection
  • Vent headers
  • Vapor recovery


Tunable Diode Laser spectroscopy 

  •  Dependable, industry-proven technology

Simple installation 

  • Thanks to probe design and single flange connection
  • Laser and detector in  all in  “One House”
  • No need for alignment laser and detector

In situ measurement

  • Direct measurements in the gas stream are fast and reliable

Laser SpectraI Technology

  • For highly reliable O2 , CO and H2Omeasurement

Low cost of ownership 

  • No sampling or conditioning equipment. Annual verification and periodic optics cleaning are the only maintenance

Low nitrogen purging consumption 

  • For lower operation costs

Predictive ISM diagnostics 

  • Continually monitor optical path quality to determine when cleaning will be required

Operation Temperatures

Designed to operate at very low temperatures

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