MOD 560 – Biogas Analyser

Fossil fuel is still the major source of energy. However, especially ecological awareness is a driving force to utilize a biomass, as a source to produce methane gas for energy production and power generation.

The composition and quality van de biogas is directly associated with the composition of the biomass, which is associBiogasated with the production method, digesters or landfills. The target of each biogas plant is to produce the highest achievable yield of production capacity of the valuable methane gas.

Biogas is obtained by the biological conversion of organic materials into methane gas and carbon dioxide, in an oxygen free anaerobic environment. Aside from these gasses, biogas also contains water and hydrogen sulfide, and other contaminants such as ammonia, hydrogen, nitrogen and remainders of organic acid fats and alcohols.

Successful operation of a biogas plant is requires stringent monitoring of the biogas composition, which forms the fundamental for process optimization to provide the highest feasible production yield.

The MOD 560 is an “all in one solution” for biogas analysis. It combines different analyzer technologies in one device, to accurately measuring the methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen and the hydrogen sulfide content at different locations in the plant. According to the analytical results, production parameters can on-line be adjusted to the highest achievable anaerobic environment and a minimum formation of H2S for corrosion prevention.

Users advantages of the mod 560

  • Measures: CH4, CO2, O2, H2SBiogas 2
  • Monitors anaerobic conditions for optimized process conditions.
  • Enables full control of processing conditions.
  • Small footprint, easy to install and easy to operate.
  • User-friendly display.



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MOD 560 Biogas Analyzer
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