Sample Recovery System

The Sample Recovery System offered by Modcon designed to collect spent sample from on-line process analyzers and periodically return this sample back to the process lines.

  • 100 liter tank available in Stainless Steel.
  • Tank is equipped with sampleconnection to allow hook-up from one or more analyzers.
  • Tank is equipped with magnetic level switches to control float.
  • As liquid level is reached, turning the sample pump “on”
  • As liquid is pumped out of the tank, the preset level is reached and the pump shuts down.
  • Atmospheric vent for gas/vaporized sample releasing.
  • Overflow vent for safety
  • Pump that achieves up to 130 PSI at its discharge
  • Pump bypass line equipped with relief valve to prevent overflow in the outlet line.

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MOD-1200 Sample Recovery System
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