Turbidity Sensors

Modcon inline turbidity meters, lab turbidimeters, and optical density probes can be specified to measure turbidity, haze, clarity, and optical density in units of: FTU, NTU, EBC, OD, PPM, Percent and many others. Common process applications include: Filter performance and filter break monitoring, hydrocarbons in water , water in fuel,gas bubble detection, particle content and concentration, total suspended solids (TSS), interface detection, BOD and leak detection. Specialized applications using probe sensors include: Fermentation, cell culture, cell density, biomass, dissolution, and crystallization.

Inline (Pipelines)

MOD-T16-N Super-Low AND Medium Turbidity – Dual Technology, Absorption/Scattered-Light

MOD-A16-N Medium to High Turbidity, Solids Concentration – NIR Absorption

Probes (Tanks, Vessels & Pipelines)

MOD-S16-N Low to High Turbidity & Optical Density

MOD-S56-N Medium to High Turbidity Monitoring & Interface Detection