Moisture Analyser for Fuels and Petroleum Liquids

The MOD-4400 was developed for on-line measuring of the moisture content in fuels and petroleum liquids, flowing through pipelines. Its principle is based on  Radio Frequency Dielectric Sensors Technology.

Moisture and water play an important role in the oil industries, starting from the oil well throughout transportation, storage and distillation until the final refinery product.

The presence of water in petroleum liquids has its impact from commercial point of view as well as from a technological point of view.

Water can be available in petroleum liquids as “free water” or in the form of an emulsion such as in crude oils. Commercially, excessive water reduces the percentage of oil components in a crude oil, making the crude oil less valuable.

From a technical point of view, excessive water in crude oils will affect the distillation properties as well as the corrosion properties. In distillates and final products, the presence of water exceeding its specification may affect its fuel properties. Water plays also an important role in the emulsion breaking properties of a desalter.

Laboratory measurements of the water content in  crude oil, fuels and petroleum liquids cannot provide actual real MOD-4400time overviews about the water of the process stream flowing through a pipeline. On-line moisture analyzers for crude oil, fuels and liquid petroleum products enables to determine whether water is homogeneously dispersed in the fluid, or distinguish between separated water and organic phases.


Advantages and Applications

  • Fast and accurate in-line analyses
  • Real -Time and On-Line data about moisture content in crude oils, refinery distillates and product, fuels, petroleum liquids, organic solvents etc
  • Ultra Safe, reliable and robust, without any moving parts
  • Not affected by fouling
  • Resistant to abrasive materials and corrosion
  • Resistant to mechanical stress and impacts
  • Easy to install
  • Low cost

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Moisture Analyser MOD 4400
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