Pipeline companies are faced with the growing need to protect their assets from different kinds of malicious activities, while most of them are related to fuel theft and pipeline vandalism. There are few traditional solutions for pipeline security which are based on acoustic, pressure, flowrate and other statistic methods of protection. However, these methods efficient only for short period until integrated methods are studied and successfully bypassed by 3rd party unauthorized persons.

New concept which is currently implemented in countries that suffer from fuel theft is “Terminal Blending Concept” which allows to perform final blending on terminals itself and by this prevent unreasonable theft from the pipeline. Due to the fact that terminals are limited with their abilities to perform complete blending of the final products, pre-final products are delivered by pipeline to the terminals and perform final product blending at real time (by adding additives).

Pre-final product which is transferred by pipeline to the fuel terminal becomes theft prevented, due to the fact that these are not of the required quality therefor, has no economic value to the thief. In order to prevent phenomenon of pre-final products theft for later on selfblending on illegal small refineries, final products blended on terminals are locally marked. Product market allows authorities to control and prevent illegal distribution of unauthorized quality and source product.


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