Modcon Systems is an innovative multidisciplinary company with its own technologies of process analysis and AI-enabled optimization for process industries.

Modcon was founded in 1972 and has 50 years experience in process analysis, control and optimization for production of high value and on-specification products at optimal cost and minimal environmental burden. Today Modcon is pioneer in the way for the next generation of process analyzer systems for Oil RefineriesNatural GasPipelinesChemicalPetrochemical and Biotechnology Industries.

MODCON value proposition includes the following advanced solutions:

  • Process analyzers and analyzer houses;
  • Motor fuels in-line blending stations;
  • Refinery process units optimization;
  • Environmental protection, safety and ecology monitoring;
  • Energy saving and process units efficiency optimization;
  • IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions with total protection against cyber attacks

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4386321439Today Modcon is recognized leader and has an excellent reputation in many countries as a stable supplier of modern, reliable and competitive complete turn-key systems, designed according to the best engineering practice and technology. Modcon team of specialists includes chemists, physicians, instrumentation and electronic engineers who responsible for each and every aspect of the project from design, approvals, purchasing, inspections, shipment, delivery, installation, training and commissioning of the entire range of equipment, supplies and consumables to operate the Turn-Key Systems.

Modcon professional experience is based on the professional expertise of its engineers and practical technicians, who have been rigorously selected, trained and qualified. Over the years Modcon’s technical staff applies its own practical experience, in such process industries, as oil refinery, power generation, chemical and petrochemical sectors. In the last years more important place in Modcon’s activities takes biotechnology, semiconductor and other high technology industries.

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Modcon operates as multinational company with alignment focus on agility, resilience, flexibility to respond, ability to adapt, speed of defining and executing strategic priorities. By combining a traditional territorial focus with a focus on the informal cross-departmental networks and mechanisms Modcon looks forward to venturing into wider areas of application with new innovative products.

By concentrating on our existing product portfolio, strategic expansion of our markets and a strong global orientation, we are positioning ourselves to meet the growing demands of the future. By applying new techniques and utilizing the most modern high-technology solutions, we work to remain established at the top of an international echelon of high-technology solutions providers.

Modcon staff operates as a successful team, understand and apply the “Customer Oriented Concept”. The company has a good reputation for excellent service, targeted to customer’s needs and since 1995 is ISO 9001 certified.

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Modcon Systems Ltd operates and pursues its business objectives in line with “sustainable development” and  in  accordance  with  the  regulations  in  force  wherever  it  carries  out  activities.  Observance  of  legal requirements, and of Company and “Code” rules, is of fundamental importance for the optimal functioning of the Company and its reputation among its human resources, with third parties, institutions and the market generally. The  principles  enunciated  by  the  “Code”  provide  mutual  advantages  for  the  parties  involved,  who  are consequently required to operate according to the same ethical lines of conduct.


1.1 Field of Application, Diffusion & Updating

The rules of the “Code” apply to directors, managers and employees of Modcon Systems Ltd and to its subsidiaries and their application are required of all persons operating in pursuit of Company objectives, whether in Israel or abroad.


Through its designated functions, the Company is committed to making the “Code” known as widely as possible among its own employees and to third parties, making suitable cognitive tools available for the interpretation and implementation of the rules it contains.

The “Code” will be routinely updated according to developments in civil awareness and relevant economic and social standards, both national and international.

1.2 Duties of Employees, Contractual Value of the “Code” and Related Breaches

In pursuing Company objectives and concluding operations, all Modcon Systems Ltd employees must operate with professionalism and dedication, in harmony with the policies of the Company, and with a spirit of social responsibility.

In this connection, besides complying with legal requirements and regulations in force, employees must ensure that their actions are based on the rules of the “Code” – with whose contents they must be familiar – and must also ensure that it is observed by third parties in their relations with the Company.

The rules contained in the “Code” also integrate employees’ conduct.

Employees may consult their superiors or the Supervisory Body for any explanations required in interpreting “Code” rules. Employees shall report to the said parties any information concerning breaches of the law and of the “Code” and the Company shall ensure that no retaliation is suffered by anyone in the context of their working activity as a result of any such communications.

1.3 Additional Duties of Managers

Managers must set an example to the staff assigned to them, whether hierarchically or functionally, so as to make them understand that observance of the rules of the “Code” is for all an essential aspect of the quality of their work performance. Managers shall pay particular attention to the selection of employees, subcontractors and third party contractors generally.

Managers are in all cases bound to report to their superiors or to the Supervisory Body any information concerning breaches of the “Code”, to adopt immediate corrective measures, according to the situation, and to strive to prevent retaliations in the work environment.

1.4 “Code” Reference, Implementation, Updating & Control Structure

Verification of the effective operation and implementation of the “Code” is delegated to the Ethics Executive Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors. This Committee prepares subsequent updatings and/or amendments to the same.

In carrying out its functions, the Ethics Executive Committee avails itself of the Supervisory Body endowed with the appropriate requisites of competence, authoritativeness, integrity and autonomy.

The Ethics Executive Committee reports to the Board of Directors.


Modcon Systems Ltd operates in a multitude of economic, social and institutional contexts in continuous rapid evolution. This requires the Company to act with efficiency and transparency, as well as in conformity with Company rules aimed at ensuring that the conduct of those involved in the production process is always dictated by principles of honesty, integrity, and loyal competition.

2.1 Conflict of Interest

All persons involved in the pursuit of Company objectives must avoid any situation and activity in which a conflict of interests may arise between personal economic activities and the function they cover within or on behalf of the Company.

2.2 Acts of Commercial Courtesy

Acts of commercial courtesy or customary gifts are permissible only when they cannot be interpreted as being aimed at acquiring advantages in an improper manner.

During negotiations in countries where it is customary to offer gifts to customers or third parties, including public officials, this may be done only if such gifts are of an appropriate nature and of modest value and in all cases without breaking any law.

Modcon Systems Ltd employees and collaborators are not allowed to receive, either directly or indirectly, money, gifts or favors of any kind from any third party, except for gifts or advantages of modest value.

2.3 Public Institutions & Administrations

Relations with Israeli and foreign institutions and public administrations (business negotiations, applications, etc.), set up in the pursuit and accomplishment of Company plans are exclusively in the hands of the persons charged therewith within the appropriate functions. Such persons may not seek to influence improperly, through corruption and/or by collusive behavior, the decisions of the other party, including public officials dealing with or taking decisions on the other party’s behalf.

No money, gifts or favors of any kind may be offered directly or indirectly to Italian or foreign public officials, nor to their kin or other persons operating in the interest of public institutions, except for customary gifts or benefits of modest value.

2.4 Relations with Customers

In its relations with Customers, Modcon Systems Ltd pursues not only conformity to contractual requirements, but also the supply of products or services tending to excellence in terms of quality, safety, care for the environment, the safeguarding of health and human rights. All persons involved in project management and implementation are consequently required to contribute to the attainment of this added value with determination and commitment.

2.5 Relations with Third Parties

Third parties (suppliers, subcontractors, partners, consultants, agents, etc.) are selected according to objective assessment criteria, based on established Company procedures and principles of correctness and transparency. Such persons are required to know and adhere to the principles of the “Code”.

2.6 Relations with Competitors

As  an  activity,  competition  must  always  be  wholly  conducted  according  to  law  and  to  the  protection  of competitors. The obtaining of information about competitors by illegal means or contrary to ethics is forbidden.

2.7 Accounting Transparency

Accounting transparency and veracity are irreplaceable values and parameters that must impact the work of all Modcon Systems Ltd employees.

Accounting transparency is based on the veracity, accuracy and completeness of the documentation regarding each activity and its related accounting operations. All operations must therefore be accompanied by the appropriate supporting documents for the activity performed to permit its entry as an account item, its detailed reconstruction and the identification of the various levels of responsibility.

Each employee shall endeavor to ensure that operational facts are represented correctly and promptly in the accounts and that the related documentation is traceable and consultable. Should an employee find or become aware of any falsification, omission or negligence in accounting or in the documentation on which the account entries are based, he/she must immediately report the same to his/her own superior or to the Supervisory Body.


Since Modcon Systems Ltd considers its human resources indispensable for the Company’s continued existence and success, its policy is to foster the growth of each employee’s professional abilities and skills, so that each potential achieves full development in the implementation of common objectives.

With this aim in mind, through its dedicated functions, the Company selects, hires, remunerates and manages human resources according to criteria of equity, competence and merit, without any discrimination and in accordance with all regulations in force.

Furthermore, the Company is committed to safeguarding the psychophysical integrity of its employees, both by respecting their moral character and privacy and by protecting them from undue influence or embarrassment. Employees are bound to co-operate in maintaining an in-house atmosphere based on total respect for the honor, dignity and reputation of each single person.


The health and well-being of persons, the safety of plants, works and installations, and the protection of the environment are Modcon Systems Ltd primary objectives and guide all Company actions with regard to its  employees,  customers,  partners,  subcontractors,  suppliers  and  any  third  parties  involved  in  Company activities.

The Company is committed to providing work premises, utilities and plants that comply with current regulations and with the highest HSE levels. This aim is pursued in every sector of Company activity at each phase of project implementation, from engineering and procurement to field operations.

The Company delegates responsibility and authority to the HSE Function to set up and maintain an HSE Management System, with the involvement and participation of all in sharing and supporting HSE objectives, as also in achieving the performance levels foreseen.


In line with the principles of the “Global Compact” launched by the United Nations and signed by the Group, and in compliance with the requirements of SA 8000, Modcon Systems Ltd is committed to the fundamental values of labor, in accordance with laws in force, contractual agreements and ILO (International Labor Organization) recommendations.

The said commitments focus particularly on the following:


  • Child labor
  • Forced labor
  • Health and Safety
  • Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining
  • Discrimination
  • Disciplinary Practices
  • Working Hours
  • Remuneration

These objectives are pursued in a context of “sustainable development” and continuous improvement involving all stakeholders, employees, suppliers and subcontractors.


Modcon Systems Ltd possesses its own or utilizes third-party know-how in the development of its activities. Information or data acquired or processed by directors, managers and employees during their work or in carrying out their duties belongs to the Company and may not be utilized, communicated or divulged without specific authorization.

Persons belonging to the Company Organs and employees may not divulge information about the Company’s organization and management methods or use the same in any way prejudicial to the Company or other contractual parties. The Company undertakes to safeguard employees in processing personal data, in accordance with law.


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