Modcon Systems is an innovative multidisciplinary company with its own technologies of process analysis and AI-enabled optimization for process industries.

Modcon was founded in 1972 and has more than 50 years experience in process analysis, control and optimization for production of high value and on-specification products at optimal cost and minimal environmental burden. Today Modcon is pioneer in the way for the next generation of process analyzer systems for Oil RefineriesNatural GasPipelinesChemicalPetrochemical and Biotechnology Industries.

MODCON value proposition includes the following advanced solutions:

  • Process analyzers and analyzer houses;
  • Motor fuels in-line blending stations;
  • Refinery process units optimization;
  • Environmental protection, safety and ecology monitoring;
  • Energy saving and process units efficiency optimization;
  • IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions with total protection against cyber attacks

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4386321439Today Modcon is recognized leader and has an excellent reputation in many countries as a stable supplier of modern, reliable and competitive complete turn-key systems, designed according to the best engineering practice and technology. Modcon team of specialists includes chemists, physicians, instrumentation and electronic engineers who responsible for each and every aspect of the project from design, approvals, purchasing, inspections, shipment, delivery, installation, training and commissioning of the entire range of equipment, supplies and consumables to operate the Turn-Key Systems.

Modcon professional experience is based on the professional expertise of its engineers and practical technicians, who have been rigorously selected, trained and qualified. Over the years Modcon’s technical staff applies its own practical experience, in such process industries, as oil refinery, power generation, chemical and petrochemical sectors. In the last years more important place in Modcon’s activities takes biotechnology, semiconductor and other high technology industries.

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Modcon operates as multinational company with alignment focus on agility, resilience, flexibility to respond, ability to adapt, speed of defining and executing strategic priorities. By combining a traditional territorial focus with a focus on the informal cross-departmental networks and mechanisms Modcon looks forward to venturing into wider areas of application with new innovative products.

By concentrating on our existing product portfolio, strategic expansion of our markets and a strong global orientation, we are positioning ourselves to meet the growing demands of the future. By applying new techniques and utilizing the most modern high-technology solutions, we work to remain established at the top of an international echelon of high-technology solutions providers.

Modcon staff operates as a successful team, understand and apply the Customer Oriented Concept. The company has a good reputation for excellent service, targeted to customer’s needs and since 1995 is ISO 9001 certified.


Modcon Systems Ltd possesses its own or utilizes third-party know-how in the development of its activities. Information or data acquired or processed by directors, managers and employees during their work or in carrying out their duties belongs to the Company and may not be utilized, communicated or divulged without specific authorization.

Persons belonging to the Company Organs and employees may not divulge information about the Company’s organization and management methods or use the same in any way prejudicial to the Company or other contractual parties. The Company undertakes to safeguard employees in processing personal data, in accordance with law.


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