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Modcon Systems stands as a pioneering and innovative company, deeply rooted in the multidisciplinary integration of advanced technologies. Specializing in Process Analysis and AI-driven Optimization, we cater extensively to the process industries, enhancing efficiency and production quality.

Established in 1972, our legacy spans over five decades, marked by profound expertise and continuous innovation in process analysis, control and AI-enabled optimization. Our mission has consistently focused on enabling the production of high-value products that meet exact specifications, all while minimizing costs and reducing environmental impact. Today, Modcon is at the forefront, leading the evolution towards the next generation of process analyzer and optimization systems. Our solutions are tailored for a wide range of sectors including Oil Refineries, Natural Gas, Pipeline networks, as well as the Chemical, Petrochemical, and Biotechnology industries. By integrating our cutting-edge technologies and vast industry experience, we remain committed to setting new standards in operational excellence and sustainable industry practices.

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News and Highlights

2024-04-02 CFSP

MOD-1040 Oxygen Analyzer SIL-2 certified

MOD-1040 Oxygen Analyzer has now achieved SIL-2 certification, as per the stringent standards of IEC 61508-2:2010. This significant milestone underscores our commitment to delivering products that meet the highest safety and reliability standards. Specifically designed for critical applications, the MOD-1040 is essential in environments where accurate and reliable oxygen measurement is crucial.   More Information>> …



Modcon at Achema 2024

Modcon will take part as an exhibitor at ACHEMA 2024, the world’s leading show for the process industry. We are also proud to submit four groundbreaking papers for the esteemed ACHEMA Congress 2024. These papers represent the pinnacle of our research and innovation in the process industry: 1️⃣ Advanced Photonics for Process Industries Optimization 2️⃣…



MOD-4100-S On-line Salt in Crude Oil Analyzer Shipped to Client

MOD-4100-S analyzer system was shipped to our customers in Mozambique. This cutting-edge analyzer, adhering to ASTM D3230 standard, provides crucial real-time salt content data in crude oils. Its deployment marks a significant step in optimizing the desalter process, ensuring that oil reaches the crude distillation unit with optimal quality which is a significant step in…


MOD-1040 real picture

New: MOD-1040 Oxygen Analyzer

MOD-1040 Oxygen Analyzer is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of oxygen levels in high-pressure pipeline, making it ideal for a range of industrial applications. With its advanced optical sensor technology and rugged construction, MOD-1040 delivers precise measurements even in the harshest of conditions. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to…


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