Process analyzers play today an important role in refinery and petrochemical processes control and optimization. Success in their implementation significantly depends on close attention to maintenance and ongoing technical support. Customer service is the primary function of the support packages offered by MODCON, providing our customers with best practice services, level of knowledge and professionalism. In order to provide expert service to its process analyzer systems users, Modcon offers a comprehensive technical support and maintenance program. The program’s objective is to provide the resources to keep the complete customer’s System on line with minimized down time. The program includes three different support options – basic, advanced and premium.

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Wide range of process analyzers are being used nowadays in modern industry. These Analyzers delivering measuring results and status information to the DCS but different communication standards and oper-ation philosophy of these analyzers makes this operation complicated. Successes that can be attributed to the use of process analyzers includes remote monitoring, validation and maintenance of the analyzer systems in one single tool.

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  • ANACON is a full-distributed Analyzer Management and Control System that was developed to provide more efficient tools for maintenance calibration and validation of the analyzer systems. It was configured to be connected to remote systems using communication links like TCP/IP or RS-485. ANACON was developed to be running on Microsoft Windows platform.
  • ANACON is able to monitor the operating state of the installed equip-ment and validate a wide variety of analyzers and instruments. Once an analyzer or instrument is validated, ANACON will evaluate and register the results using statistical rules

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Graphical display tool from the multiple analyzers provides not only on-line information but also allows viewing historical data which is archived automatically upon configuration. Maintenance tool based on a PcAnywhere platform allows remote access to the appropriate analyzer’s GUI for remote maintenance and calibration procedures.

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