serviceWith Modcon Service contract, you will be connected to the Modcon Service Center via Modcon Remote Service (MARS), the efficient and comprehensive infrastructure for the complete spectrum of remote support. Many services, updates and even immediate repairs that previously required on-site visits are now performed remotely. Up to 50% of all deviations can be detected via remote connection before interference with your workflow. MARS – rely on and take advantage of:

  • Earlier failure detection
  • Faster repair times
  • Prevention of unscheduled downtimes
  • Improved patient planning and throughput
  • Minimization of on-site visits
  • Higher system availability
  • Better utilization of your system potential



The main idea standing after “All in One” concept is to concentrate all the process analysis information on one single screen. Measured data from Process Analyzers ahead with alarms being generated by Analyzer House facilities is collected by Analyzer Management and Control System software and processed further with appropriate tools. The generated information can be either archived or sent further to DCS.


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MARS - Modcon Advanced Remote Services
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