The On-line quality measurements of the crude oil and distillate properties is important to allow for evaluation of crude oils from the oil well through its storage, transport, blending and desalting until the crude distillation unit, and the final distillates.

Real time analyses of different critical physical property parameters enable:

  • Verification of the crude oil quality and its reflection on its price.
  • Verification of crude oils to its specification at any time and at any place.
  • Verification of homogeneity of crude oils
  • Instantaneous blending of crude oils into blends with the requires physical properties
  • Process control of the Crude distillation unit, by measuring the incoming crude oil properties and correlation them with produced distillates.

Conventional on-line process analyzers and laboratory analyzers are not efficient enough to provide at real time an overview of different quality parameters. These analyzers are based on official analytical laboratory methods, and dedicated to one single analyzers per instrument. In addition to that these analyses are time consuming and a time lag exists between analyses and real time properties.

For instantaneous measuring a wide spectrum of different physical properties by one single instrument Modcon Systems introduced its MOD 4140 NIR based Crude analyzer. This analyzer has the capability of measuring spectra in opaque and transparent fluids alike and with the implementation of chemometrics correlating these spectra with quantified physical properties.


Among the physical Properties that can be measured include

  • Distillation – yields at different temperatures
  • Distillation
  • RVP
  • Viscosity
  • Density
  • Flashpoint
  • Cloud-points
  • Aromatic contents
  • RON / MON / Cetane numbers
  • SARA,
  • Flash points
  • More …….


  • On-line, real time and instantaneous analyses of multiple physical properties by one measurement.
  • Immediate response without any lag time
  • Enables optimization of processing crude oil into its products at different stages

System Configuration:

  • MOD- 4140 allows real time analysis of critical crude oil properties under field conditions.
  • Continuous crude oil sampling from pipelines, tanks or process vessels, its filtration and separation from solid particles.
  • The analyzer is equipped with an integrated sampling handling and sample condition system, to bring the samples to physical condition that is required by the analyzer.
  • Integrated Analyzer control system.
  • Transfer of analysis results to customer’s control room DCS.
  • No analyzer shelter required
  • MOD 4140 is ATEX ExD approved for zone 1, or Exp approved for zone 2


Modcon systems also provides the opportunity of a combined instrument with the features of the MOD 4140 in combination with the salt in crude oil determination as per ASTM D 3230



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