Our Commitment to Your Privacy

This is the Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) of Modcon Systems Ltd, 10 Orange St., Haymarket London WC2H 7DQ UK.

Modcon Systems is committed to protecting Personal Information (as defined herein) about You (as defined herein) and to Your privacy. As part of this commitment, we undertake to uphold the following principles:

  • To act with transparency in all matters pertaining to collecting information about You and/or about Your use of the website and the use of this information by us (and/or by someone on our behalf). It is important to us that at all times You have all the information You need at hand to make intelligent decisions about our use and/or that of someone on our behalf of Personal Information about You and/or of information that was collected (by ourselves and/or by someone on our behalf) about Your use of the website or the application, at the appropriate times and ways, and all, as aforesaid, whether for use by us and/or by a third party on our behalf. Our full Policy is intended to provide You with as broad a picture as possible about the Personal Information that we gather and how we use and protect it. Therefore, it is important that You read the Policy at Your first opportunity and then again from time to time.
  • To use Personal Information about You only for the purpose detailed in the following Policy as and to the extent that it is updated from time to time. The purposes for which we use Personal Information about You include, inter alia, providing services or products that You order, improving Your experience in using them and our service channels, providing You with service about Your reservations, improving our services and products, protecting our interests and rights with regard to some of the users – sending direct newsletters and/or promotional materials through certain communications media, conducting commercial and administrative activity that support the provision of services and products to our customers, adhering to the legal injunctions that apply. You have the right at any time to request that we cease to use Personal Information about You to send You personally tailored offers, as above, and we will respect your request accordingly.
  • To invest extensive resources to respect Your rights pertaining to Personal Information about You. We are investing extensive resources to enable You to realize Your rights as the object of the information. Therefore, at any time that You wish to examine, correct, delete or have us cease to use Personal Information about You for specific purposes or in general or, with regard to some of the users, to transfer it to You or to another agent, You can contact us and we will respect your request at the very least to the extent that we are obligated by law;
  • To securely protect Personal Information about You. While we cannot ensure absolute protection of Your Personal Information, we undertake to implement and continually utilize a broad range of means intended to ensure the security of Your Personal Information. In addition, where we find that You need specific information, we will provide it to You at the appropriate time and place.

Furthermore, we will answer any questions You have and provide You with any clarification needed, subject to legal limitations. To this end, You can contact our data protection officer as follows:

Data Protection Officer, Modcon Systems Ltd.

10 Orange St., Haymarket London WC2H 7DQ UK.
Mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +44-20-808-99954
or by sending this form