2423851767The need for process analyzers in chemical industry came from the introduction of computer control in chemical manufacturing. Such control needs analytical systems that give rapid and reliable results.

The initial cost of such a system is comparable to laboratory instrumentation. However, the operating costs are lower and increased value of the data comes from being of appropriate accuracy, reliable and timely results.

The role of process analyzers in process control systems is real and important one. The main justification for installing process analyzers is their major contribution to efficient and effective process control and optimization. With process optimization control it is even more important to know the initial, intermediate and final quality parameters of process streams.

3865137541Chloro-Alkali industry is a typical example of chemical manufacturing, where on-line analysis has a significant impact on the performance and operation costs of plant. One of the biggest challenges is to control the hardness (Ca/Mg) and chlorine concentration in the treated brine. Scrubbers optimization is achieved by maintaining a NaOH concentration range sufficient to achieve satisfactory removal of scrubbed components without wasting NaOH.

Today’s chemical processes are usually conducted under the control of a computer system or programmable logic controller, whereby each step in the operating sequence is monitored to ensure it is completed and product quality parameters satisfied before proceeding to the next step. Measurement of the endpoint of a chemical reaction is a potentially important application for on-line analytical systems supplied by Modcon. Modcon has been helping process engineers, directors and facilities managers make confident decisions regarding their analytical instrumentation and process optimization tasks. Our customers appreciate not only our product and installation knowledge, but also the friendly way we conduct business and the assurance we bring to every step in the process.

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