Modcon Systems Azərbaycan Şirkətinin rəsmi saytına xoş gəlmisiniz

1972-ci ildən etibarən Modcon Systems on-line təhlili və avtomatlaşdırma vasitəsilə istehsal proseslərinin kompleks optimallaşdırılması üzrə bütöv layihələri həyata keçirir.

Bu gün Modcon aşağıdakı sahələrdə proseslərin təhlili sistemlərinin yeni nəsli üzrə lideridir: Neft Emalı, Təbii Qaz, Boru Kəmərləri, Neft -Kimya, Kimya, Biotexnologiya.

Modcon Systems aşağıdakı sahələrdə tanınmış lideridir:

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SCADA və Texnoloji Proseslərinin avtomatlaşdırılmış idarəetmə sistemlərinin təhlükəsizliyi
Ekoloji nəzarət
Qaz siqnalizatorları və Qaz konsentrasiyası sensorları
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Crude Distillation Unit

Why Salt Content shall be Monitored by Refineries?

Refineries can save dozens of millions of dollars annually by reducing the salt content in crude oil that enters the crude distillation unit to its absolute minimum. This is a critical in preventing corrosion, plugging and fouling of the crude distillation unit, pipes, heat exchangers and other refinery units, and reduces the required shut down…



In-line Gasoline Blending Station Modernization Project for Oil Refinery in Russia

Production of motor fuels is executed by means of  blending (compounding) of different components and octane-increasing additives in special blenders according to pre-developed receipt. The feed streams enter the blenders through measuring lines allowing simultaneous control of all stream ratios. Online analyzers continuously analyse qualities of the feed streams and final products at the blender…



Modcon Submitted Paper at “Artificial Intelligence in Process Industries” Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia

“Artificial Intelligence in Process Industries “, organized by Yandex Data Factory and “Gazprom Neft” took place September 13, 2017 in St.Petersburg, Russia. It was devoted to the practical application of IIoT in process industries. Modcon Systems representative submitted presentation on “Modeling and data analysis in the continuous processes management” that showed requirements for the organization of…



Process analyzers market report explored in latest research

WhaTech Channel: Industrial Market Research Published: 09 September 2017 Modcon Systems Ltd. have been announced as one of the prominent companies influencing the market forces through the strategies they adopt.These companies primarily focus on gain competitive advantage technological advancements and offering cost effective products. Some of the most prominent players operating in the process analyzer…



Gas Turbine Efficiency Boosting by Real-Time Gas Analysis

Closed-loop control of fuel/air mixture equivalence ratio in gas turbine becomes today more important for energy industries. The mass flow of fuel is well metered but there is no easy way to establish the accurate equivalence ratio without fast on-line measurement of gas composition and Wobbe index. Reduction of emissions is another indisputable requirement, which can…