4747709246Gas Detection equipment must be calibrated and serviced regularly to provide protection for both plant and personnel. The manufacturer recommends that calibration is carried out at least every six months – more frequent calibration may be required where the detectors are exposed to gas for extended periods of time.

With over 30 years experience in the gas detection industry, Modcon Systems can offer competitive calibration and servicing for both portable as well as fixed gas detectors.

As part of our service package we offer a choice of either ‘on-site’ or ‘return to base’ servicing:

  • 2 Service visits or ‘return to base’ services per year.
  • Full calibration certificates at each service.
  • Cost estimates are provided before work commences.
  • An express calibration service is available on ‘return to base’ equipment at a nominal extra cost.

Field Service Vehicles5961751481

Our field service vehicles as specially fitted out with the necessary test and calibration equipment to provide a quality service and calibration facility. Equipment is calibrated against certified calibration gases traceable to national standards and calibration certificates are provided to our customers at the end of the calibration procedures.

Service Reminders are regularly sent out by our service department to warn users when the calibration period of their equipment is due to expire.

Testing and Calibration

In order to ensure safe and accurate operation of Fixed Gas Detectors, they need to be periodically calibrated against reference test gases that are traceable to National Physical Laboratory standards. The recommended calibration period for fix gas detectors is six months although the frequency may need to be increased where continual exposure to the target gases is experienced.

Between the calibrations it is also recommended that the response of the detector is checked using an appropriate test gas cylinder. These cylinders are available in ‘large aerosol’ form and may be supplied individually or as part of a Field Calibration Kit.

Extended Warranty

When purchased, an extended warranty can be taken out on portable as well as fixed Gas Detectors. This provides two years further years warranty in addition to the standard two years warranty given with all new instruments.

Service Call

Please contact our service department if you wish to either arrange an on-site service contract or return equipment to Modcon Systems, to be calibrated or repaired.