pipelinesPipelines transport all kinds of liquids and gases such as: gasoline, crude oil, diesel fuel, natural gas, water, sewage, and hazardous materials. There are a very exact definitions and needs to control the pipeline process specification, which includes transferred product quantity and quality, to guarantee the delivery agreements are exactly observed.

A leak or spill from these pipelines could threaten neighborhoods, contaminate water supplies, or pollute environmentally-sensitive land. Pipeline companies are faced with the growing need to protect their assets from different kinds of malicious activities, ranging from simple theft to terrorism.

Modc8105878942on offers the following solutions for petroleum and gas pipeline owners:

  • SCADA Solutions for petroleum and gas pipelines
  • Natural gas analyzers systems for measurements gas chemical composition, molecular weight, Wobbe index and Upper Calorific Value, Concentration of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Hydrocarbon Dew Point (HDP) and Water Dew Point (WDP)
  • Field instrumentation for quantitative measurements and control
  • Pipeline security systems for real-time control of activities around the perimeter
  • Communication networks to acquire field data to Control room master station which allows operator to view current or historical data, alarm messages, and issue controls to field equipment.
  • Complete petroleum laboratories equipped with modern analytical instruments and everything needed for fast and accurate analysis sample probes from the gas pipeline.