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Modcon was founded in 1972 and has more than 40 years experience in process analysis, control and optimization for production of high value and on-specification products at optimal cost and minimal environmental burden.

Today Modcon is pioneer in the way for the next generation of process analyzer systems for Oil Refineries, Natural Gas, PipelinesChemical, Petrochemical and Biotechnology Industries.

Modcon Systems is a key player in:

On-line Process Analyzers and Systems
Advanced Blending Solutions
SCADA and Industrial Network Solutions
Environmental Control
Gas Detectors and Air Pollution Analyzers
Turn-Key Projects

News and Highlights

Biogas 2

MOD 560 – the New Biogas Analyser

The MOD 550 is an “all in one solution” for biogas analysis. It combines different analyzer technologies in one device, to accurately measuring the methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen and the hydrogen sulfide content at different locations in the plant. According to the analytical results, production parameters can on-line be adjusted to the highest achievable anaerobic…



ACHEMA–2015 World Forum for the Process Industries

ACHEMA-2015 provides with an opportunity to update our customers on Modcon latest developments in process analyzers and optimization solutions for process industries. If you are planning to participate in this important forum, please attend our lectures: “Integrating spectroscopic methods in refineries” – 15.06.2015, 16:20 in Hall 11.0, Room: Granat “Paying less for a barrel” –…



FCC Process Optimization–Published in “Hydrocarbon Processing” February edition

FCC processes are moneymakers in refineries by converting heavy distillates into high valued gasoline components. FCC units are complex system of chemical and physical processes.  Incorporation of on-line process analyzers plays an important role in FCC process optimization and further increasing its profitability. Modcon Systems is pleased to present this important article published in February…



The Complete Range of Air Quality Monitoring Systems

Monitoring air quality is essential for local authorities as well as for major public and private industries to understand and prevent air pollution and assess emission sources, in order to preserve health and contribute to the fight against the greenhouse effect.   Modcon Systems provides the complete range of ENVIRONNEMENT S.A air analyzers, sampling systems, data…



CIS Downstream Project Management and Technologies conference in Milan

The CIS Downstream Project Management and Technologies in Milan gathered key refining and petrochemicals companies from CIS region, and is an excellent platform for learning and sharing the best international practice of project management and cutting edge technologies to secure future development of the CIS downstream industry. President of Modcon  presented a paper on “Refinery…


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