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ATEX directive 94/9/EC Quality Assurance Certification received for 2013

(London, UK) The new Quality Assurance Certification was received by Modcon Systems Ltd. for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, under ATEX directive 94/9/EC. Equipment types for which Modcon has been assessed includes process analyzers, analyzer houses, industrial process control, instrumentation and SCADA projects. Explosion protection concepts for which Modcon…



Modcon gave a presentation at 58th ISA Analysis Division Symposium

Galveston Texas USA The Analysis Division (AD) is indispensable to any process analyzer professional, from technician level to design engineer. The nature of on-line process analytics is such that people spend their entire career in the field and the learning never stops. It is a mix of chemistry, physics, electronics, software, control engineering, sample handling,…



Modcon gave a presentation at the 7th Refining China Conference

Beijing, China REFINING CHINA, China’s international refining technology conference, has now been running for seven years in partnership with SINOPEC. This partnership ensures the continuing strong level of producer company delegates not only from Sinopec but also from CNPC/Petrochina and CNOOC companies. The 7th REFINING CHINA conference was held at the Regent Hotel, Bejing, 20-21 March 2013. Modcon Systems…



Two new Beacon-3000 Process NIR Analyzers were successfully installed at CVR Energy’s Coffeyville Resources Refinery (USA)

Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, with main operations in Coffeyville, Kansas, CVR Energy employs more than 650 employees and are one of the largest employers in southeastern Kansas. Petrometrix Beacon-2000 process NIR analyzers are in use at this refinery since 1998 to measure the following process streams: Atmospheric Crude Unit – diesel product 90% point,…



Gas Detectors order by “Sheshmaoil” from Russia

Modcon Systems has signed a contract for the delivery of 183 Gas Detectors (model FGD10B MOD -7100 series ) for installation on sites of “Sheshmaoil” Oil & Gas Corporation in Russian Federat Gas detectors MOD-7100 series is a new generation of infrared, catalytic and electrochemical sensors, specially designed for use in hazardous and extreme conditions…