6319918323Pipeline companies are faced with the growing need to protect their assets from different kinds of malicious activities, ranging from simple theft to terrorism. Another dimension of the problem is the growing concern for environmental protection from fluid product leaks.

The system detects different hazards as well as leaks, and immediately and effectively alarms the security forces or maintenance crews. The system passively detects and locates in real time surface and subsurface intrusions and 3rd party interfaces.

The detection enables high accuracy location anywhere along the pipes as well in the perimeter surrounding the pipes. The unique signal processing and decoding patented algorithms enables to distinguish between different events.

The system provides valuable early warning if required while maintaining maximum sensitivity and prevents nuisance alarms.

7685861643The system consists of an array of seismic sensors that are linked through a specialized pre-processing hub to an innovative central processing unit.

The Pipeline SCADA Security systems offer a unique solution for the detection of on and under-ground activities. The applications are specifically used for the detection of digging and leakage.

The Industrial Security Solution is designed to offer SCADA and process control companies a layered security solution for their industrial systems by deploying security appliances directly in front of each control device (or group of up to 16 devices) that need protection. These appliances provide protection directly in front of the critical edge device. This allows a “defense-indepth” strategy to be used, so even if a hacker or virus manages to get through the main corporate firewall, they will still be faced with an array of SCADA-focused security devices that need to be breached before any damage can be done to the control system itself.

Each remote Security Appliance is centrally configured, monitored and managed from Central Management Platform (CMP) located somewhere on the corporate network. Here, the function of each appliance can be automatically tuned to meet the security needs of the devices it is protecting.

Unlike traditional IT firewall solutions, the Industrial Security Solution was designed with the environment, staff capabilities, and needs of industry in mind. Field technicians simply attach power to the Security Appliance, connect two network cables and walk away. Using the CMP, company security specialists can monitor any system with ease, reacting to threats in a coordinated company-wide manner. Best of all, the system is flexible enough to be used by a small SCADA with a single RTU, yet meet the needs of a huge projects with thousands of critical devices scattered around the pipeline.

The Industrial Security Solution is initially deployed in an industrial setting by having a MODCON TSTM¬†Central Management Platform installed somewhere on the company’s corporate or control network infrastructure. By utilizing suitable secure computer communication technology such as VPN’s, it is possible to manage the security system remotely. This includes not only system configuration, but also alarm monitoring, and exception reporting response.

The Modcon SCADA Industrial Security Solution is much more that a firewall since its dynamically Loadable Security Modules (LSM) can provide encryption, intrusion detection and control protocol-aware security solutions tailored to specific plant floor situations. One security appliance might be configured to act as a firewall for a group of SCADA RTUs.