Refinery process units are generally spread out over a wide territory. The size of each unit including the passages between them, its flammability, the explosion hazard and other danger of materials liberated that has the potential to be hazardous to human beings or the environment makes is desired to control most of the refinery from a safe and central area.

Various refinery units conduct entirely different chemical and physical processes, that include crude distillations, isomerization and alkylation reactions, catalytic reactions, such as the CCR and FCC, and blending of gasoline and diesel in blending stations.

The preferred configuration to optimize refinery process control is to execute all actions from a central control room. Centralization of all analytical data from process streams in the control room is inevitable to allow operators taking the right decisions to adjust process conditions and to guarantee optimized yield and quality.



Many refinery process streams are transparent. Without any doubt, these process streams fit for being controlled by Modcon’s BEACON 3000 NIR process analyzers. Field unit flow cells with a potential flow of 1 – 3 l/min continuously measure the transmittance of a NIR light beam that passes through the composition. Standard telecommunication optical fibers connect the field units to the NIR analyzer.

Feasibility of “remote measurement” gives the Beacon 3000 its uniqueness and one of its major superiorities as compared to other NIR process analyzers. The optical fibers transmit the beams of light between the analyzer and the field units without any influence caused by a fiber length of up to 3 km (2 miles). Secondly, by multiplexing each analyzer can measure instantaneously up to eight different measuring probes.

These characteristics give the Beacon 3000 NIR process analyzer the opportunity to measure multiple chemical and physical properties simultaneously in different production units and in secluded process streams that are allocated at distances of up to 3 km away from the analyzer.

The field units are free of electricity and of moving parts, which enhances its safe application in hazardous environment of the refinery.

Many BEACON NIR process analyzers successfully operate in various refineries worldwide. One single analyzer placed in the central control room brings lot of multi-property physical data together. Operators gain an overview of real time quality data, measured in process streams that are widely spread out over the area of the refinery. Beacon NIR process analyzers are effective tools in process optimization, to guarantee production of maximum quality at maximum capacity.

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