Chemical Plant

BEACON 3000 – the New Concept in Chemical Industries and Biotechnology

BEACON 3000 – the New Concept in Chemical Industries and Biotechnology The Beacon 3000 NIR process analyzer has a proven reputation in on-line measuring multiple chemical and physical properties in refinery process streams. However, is the Beacon 3000 really limited to refinery operations only? The Beacon 3000 has the ability to measure on-line and instantaneously…


Mobile Emissions Monitor

The model MOD-1002 Mobile Emissions Monitor is easily transported system, designed to provide affordable state-of-the-art accuracy, stability and reliability. The system comprises an infra-red / paramagnetic analysers and advanced sample conditioning assembly to produce accurate and reliable measurement of four components simultaneously: 0-25% Oxygen 0-100 ppm / 0-1000 ppm CO 0-100 ppm / 0-1000 ppm…


Oil in water monitor

MOD-1100 Oil-in-Water Analyzer MOD-1100 reliably detects BTEX, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and oil in water. The MOD-1100 is a nonfouling continuous, on-line monitor that provides hydrocarbon and oil in water monitoring down to low ppb. The MOD-1100 is installed for applications that require monitoring of treated and untreated wastewater streams ranging from industrial wastewater, groundwater,…

emissions monitoring

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Multi-component System High-performance continuous emissions monitoring of up to six measuring components: O2, CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, CH4 Wide range of industrial applications such as power generators, crematoria, waste incinerators, thermal oxidizers Low cost of ownership Compact size reduces installation space An integrated gas sample conditioning device removes particulates and water No loss of water-soluble…

Fixed Gas Detectors

Fixed Gas Detectors

The FGD10A-M is an explosion protected ATEX and IECEx (Ex d) certified fixed gas detector for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. It is available with a RS485 output for use with Modbus in the process control industry or with the conventional 4-20mA output. It has an OLED colour display and magnetically operated switches which allow…

pH DO and Conductivity

pH, DO and Conductivity

METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics is a leading supplier to end users and system integrators for liquid analytical measurement solutions to control production processes. The Process Analytics division consists of two business units: INGOLD and THORNTON. INGOLD specializes in top-quality solutions for pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity and CO2 for process analytics applications in chemical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries.… Details

Air Quality Monitoring Systems

Monitoring air quality is essential for local authorities as well as for major public and private industries to understand and prevent air pollution and assess emission sources, in order to preserve health and contribute to the fight against the greenhouse effect.   Modcon Systems provides the complete range of ENVIRONNEMENT S.A air analyzers, sampling systems, data…