BEACON 3000 – the New Concept in Chemical Industries and Biotechnology

The Beacon 3000 NIR process analyzer has a proven reputation in on-line measuring multiple chemical and physical properties in refinery process streams. However, is the Beacon 3000 really limited to refinery operations only?

The Beacon 3000 has the ability to measure on-line and instantaneously various physicochemical properties in eight different process streams, which can be allocated at a distance of 3000 meters away from the central analyzer. This opens a broad spectrum of implementations for the Beacon 3000 in industrial process control.  A special focus should be directed to those chemical plants, where chemical and physical properties of processes and process streams to be measured, are spread out over a large area.

The property of “long distance” measurements is only one of the characteristics that gives the Beacon 3000 its advantages over its competitors:

1. Process optimization

Real time measurements of physical and chemical properties in different process streams, and correlation between them, form the platform to on-line process control. It enables following up the proceeding of chemical reactions as well as physical processes, like distillations, extractions etc.

Physical process parameters, among which pressure, temperature and concentrations of reagents influence the progress of Chemical Plantchemical processes.  Based on real time analytical data, from raw reagents, intermediates and final products in reactions and in process streams, chemical reactions can be terminating and/or quenched before “overcooking” occurs, which in many cases is accompanied by conversion of the final product into undesired side-products. Measuring physical and concentration properties of the reaction mixture at one or more different locations, enables optimization of process conditions to achieve maximized chemical yield, highest possible quality, highest throughput of in-spec material, lowest energy consumption, and prevention of unnecessary off-spec product.


Safety is of major concern in chemical industries, especially in those chemical plants and processes, where hazardous, flammable, explosive or toxic chemicals are involve in.

Whereas measuring probes, inside the field units of the Beacon 3000, are installed on the process streams, the analyzer itself is placed in a safe area, as the control room.

Conducting continuous measurements from out of the control-room eliminates endangering human health by taking laboratory samples in dangerous areas.

3. Easy cleaning

During measuring the process stream continuously flows through the measuring probe.  In most cases, the sample size of the NIR Probeprobe is small enough to omit cross-contamination with a consecutive batch / production. Measuring probes can easily be disassembled and thoroughly be cleaned and if required, also be sterilized. This is especially important in the case of food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications.


4. Low cost of maintenance

The Beacon 3000 is of low cost in maintenance. Field units are free of electricity. The absence of wearing moving parts prevents the need to maintain a stock of spare parts.


5. Reliability

Reliability and accuracy is of main importance in process analytics. Final QA decisions are based on laboratory examinations. Incorporated Freetune™ prevents discrepancy between process analyzer and laboratory test results. Freetune™ compares its measurements with laboratory test results, on a constant base. In case of a continuous deviations, Freetune™ will automatically correct the analyzer predicted analytical results to ongoing comply laboratory test results.


6. Modcon’s Individual Care 

Applications of NIR differ one from the other. Each application requires its own chemometric model. Successful applicationNIRfro of the Beacon 3000 in chemical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries is based on appropriate building of chemometric models. Feasibility tests and validations, to evaluate whether the Beacon 3000 has the capability to answer to the customer’s  demands, are performed at the Modcon Systems Chemical Laboratory. Modcon’s Personal Customer Care stand next to you to ensure


As can be seen, the Beacon 3000 is definitely not restricted to refineries and petrochemical industries only. Its scope of application includes also chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. Incorporation of the Beacon 3000 in these processes will definitely lead to a more efficient production performance. On-line monitoring of physicochemical properties throughout the reaction provides an effective tool to reduce the reaction time, the use of solvents, energy, consumption, and reprocessing, and to increase the chemical yield and throughput. Furthermore, it definitely contributes to reduce the risk of exposure to hazardous environments.