7276337415MOD-1100 Oil-in-Water Analyzer

MOD-1100 reliably detects BTEX, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and oil in water. The MOD-1100 is a nonfouling continuous, on-line monitor that provides hydrocarbon and oil in water monitoring down to low ppb. The MOD-1100 is installed for applications that require monitoring of treated and untreated wastewater streams ranging from industrial wastewater, groundwater, process water, produced, potable water intakes, and storm water run-off.

Why Continuous On-Line Monitoring?

Continuous on-line monitoring provides the most responsive feedback loop for measuring hydrocarbons in water. Continuous monitoring is reliable, effective, and recognized for its ability to improve process management for treating, discharging and detecting hydrocarbons in water. Compared to laboratory grab sample analysis, on-line monitoring provides cost effective, continuous, remote, operator unattended measurement of aromatic hydrocarbons in water.

Features of the MOD-1100

  • The Unique Flowcell. The MOD-1100 does not have a glass flow cell. Hydrocarbons are detected in a stream of water which falls through an open chamber; the stream does not contact, dirty or foul the optical windows used for oil in water monitoring. A proprietary Air Curtain system keeps optical Windows fog-free in humid environments or hot water applications.
  • 1614983136Low Maintenance. There are no tubes, pumps or valves to replace. The system’s one moving part has a life expectancy of greater than 5 years. Routine maintenance involves changing a lamp twice a year and an air filter periodically.
  • Direct, Continuous Monitoring. The MOD-1100 monitors a flowing water stream continuously. No chemicals, no pre-treatment and no manual manipulation of the sample are required to monitor aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Accurate. The MOD-1100 directly measures aromatic hydrocarbons in water with accuracies that consistently correlate to regulated laboratory methods.
  • Sensitive. BTEX, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, crude oil, aromatic solvents and refined petroleum products containing aromatics are detected by the MOD-1100 from low ppb (ug/L) to high ppm (mg/L). For example, the MOD-1100 can detect 5 ppb of gasoline or diesel fuel in water free of interfering compounds.
  • Selective. The MOD-1100 continuously measures the fluorescence of aromatic hydrocarbon compounds in water. Fluorescence occurs when a molecule absorbs light energy of one specific wavelength and emits light energy of a longer wavelength. Fluorescent compounds each have a unique signature, and these compounds can be displayed as an actual concentration.
  • Effective Monitoring in Dirty Water. Monitoring fluorescence makes the MOD-1100 resistant to interferences by turbid or dirty water which impact on-line UV or IR light scatter instruments. Most substances absorb light, but very few fluoresce; if a substance does not fluoresce at specific wavelengths for the monitored aromatic hydrocarbon, it will not interfere.
  • Operator Friendly. The MOD-1100 is designed for easy operation. Simple on-board software controls alarms, 4-20 mA output, diagnostics and calibration.

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