Products Quality Analysis

The multi-disciplinary nature of MODCON Pipeline SCADA system, comprised not only standard field instrumentation with communication to the control room, but also Product Quality On-line Analyzers required to identify the quality of petroleum products to guarantee the delivery agreements are exactly observed. DetailsPetroleum Products Quality Module DetailsNatural Gas Quality Module Details

Control Rooms

The real-time data on the multi-lingual HMI screen in control room gives the operator an ability to monitor the situation of the pipeline. Moving the mouse pointer on the relevant area on the main screen will create a thin border around the area described by the secondary screen. Clicking on any point inside the border…


Field Instrumentation

DetailsMOD 4140 On-Line Crude Oil Analyzer DetailsCompany Integrated Policy DetailsMOD-1040 Oxygen Analyzer DetailsSITRANS FUH1010 DetailsSITRANS FUG1010 DetailsSITRANS LR300 DetailsSITRANS LR300 Explosion-Proof Solutions DetailsSITRANS P Series DSIII DetailsSITRANS TF Details

Remote Terminal Units

The remote terminal units are mounted directly outdoor in the harsh environment of the gas or liquid pipelines and manages both the gas/liquid transmission and storage facilities. The system is designed for installation in hazardous area Zone 2 and has operating temperature of -40°C to 70°C. The product is built to meet ISA’s stringent G3…


Pipeline Security

Pipeline companies are faced with the growing need to protect their assets from different kinds of malicious activities, ranging from simple theft to terrorism. Another dimension of the problem is the growing concern for environmental protection from fluid product leaks. The system detects different hazards as well as leaks, and immediately and effectively alarms the…


Intrinsic Safety

The products range from industry renowned barriers and isolators through to sophisticated process control products; all have been designed for the harsh environments often encountered in the process industry. For the majority of IS applications there is a choice of either a barrier or an isolator.   The complete range of ground breaking Industrial Ethernet…


Remote Monitoring System for Dangerous Goods

Remote Monitoring System for Dangerous Goods MODCON SYSTEMS presents the new approach and technology in the field of transport and industrial security. We utilize the modern communication and sensing technologies in our products   The Threads: Every year millions tonns of dangerous chemicals are transporting by Land, Sea and Air. One of the main challenges…