MOD-6400 XRT Total Sulfur Analyzer

Total sulfur is an important parameter to monitor and control raw material, intermediates and/or final products for process optimization and blending in bunkering terminals, refineries, pipelines, and storage facilities. An online analysis of total sulfur can be deployed at many points in the process and provides the means to monitor conversion processes to produce the most valuable products without giveaway.

The XRT (X-ray Transmission) measuring method implemented by MOD-6400 Total Sulfur process analyzer is the best market available solution for sulphur content analysis in heavy petroleum products. Other market available technics used for sulfur analysis are based on injection techniques and conversion methods like UV flourescense or gas chromatography, are limited with the final boiling point to exceeds 450 degC. Density and temperature measurements which are provided as a part of the MOD-6400 Total Sulfur analyzer, used for correlation of the online results. Water content which also influence measurement stability, can be provided as an option, integrated as an external input or used as a constant value, if applicable.


  • Total Sulfur 0.02-6%
  • Density (included)
  • Temperature °C (included)
  • Water content (option)
  • Salt content ASTM-3230 (option)
  • Recovery content/Distillation curve (option)


  • Analysis of heavy and opaque materials like crude oil
  • Flow through measuring cell allows to measure directly from the process without a need for sample conditioning and recovery systems.
  • Online analysis with detection time on a seconds level
  • No need for consumables
  • Low and simple maintenance
  • Designed for installation in hazardous area with Exd or Exp protection options