MODCON scrubber wash water solution includes monitoring systems at both the outlets discharge after scrubber.

Two special sensors modules can be verified and/or calibrated on-site using certified standards.
The complete system by two special sensors has achieved a marine type approval for monitoring of all media – PAH, turbidity, PH, temperature

Two Digital Converters MOD – C 4000:

 Graphic Display
 Fully Configurable
 Up to 4 Detector Inputs Up to 2 Lamp Outputs
 Up to 4 mA
 Outputs Alarm
 Relays Remote
 Product Selection and Zero Shunts for EX Sensors

 Profibus PA


Technical Aspects

 Temperatures up to 240 °C
 Pressures up to 325 bar (4713 psi)
 Line size ¼” to 6”
 FM and ATEX approved for hazardous locations
 Optical path length (OPL) from 1 to 1000 mm (sensor dependent)
 High resistivity materials to withstand the harshest process environments
 Reference filter for in-process “calibration” checks (NIST-traceable)
 Universal C4000 converter for all MOD 4000 sensors (up to two sensors with one converter)
 Configurable software allows easy correlation to almost any unit of measure
 (ppm, %, mg/L, APHA / HAZEN / Pt-Co, Say bolt, Gardner ®, ASTM, etc.)
 PROFIBUS® PA available.
 Certification ISO 9001:2008, ATEX, FM, PED, CE, HP0