MOD-1040 Oxygen Analyzer

MOD-1040 Oxygen Analyzer is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of oxygen levels in high-pressure pipeline, making it ideal for a range of industrial applications. With its advanced optical sensor technology and rugged construction, MOD-1040 delivers precise measurements even in the harshest of conditions. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to…


Oil in Water Monitoring

The MOD-C-4000 oil in water analyzer provides continuous oil in water monitoring down to low ppm levels and is mainly used for detecting trace oil in cooling water to provide an instant notification of any leaks in your heat exchanger.   The advanced modular design enables precision process monitoring and control with multiple sensors. The menu-…


MOD-1022 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer

MOD-1022 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer is a real-time hydrocarbon gas analyzer based on advanced photonics platform. Calibrated for Hydrocarbon Gas composition monitoring and heating value analysis, this package is optimized for gas-phase product analysis containing C1– C6 alkane gases as typically found in refineries and LNG industry. FEATURES & BENEFITS Analysis in seconds — Real-time, continuous measurement…


MOD-6400 Total Sulfur Process Analyzer

  MOD-6400 XRT Total Sulfur Analyzer Total sulfur is an important parameter to monitor and control raw material, intermediates and/or final products for process optimization and blending in bunkering terminals, refineries, pipelines, and storage facilities. An online analysis of total sulfur can be deployed at many points in the process and provides the means to…


Marine Waters Monitoring System MOD – C 4000 scrubber wash water control

MODCON scrubber wash water solution includes monitoring systems at both the outlets discharge after scrubber. Two special sensors modules can be verified and/or calibrated on-site using certified standards. The complete system by two special sensors has achieved a marine type approval for monitoring of all media – PAH, turbidity, PH, temperature Two Digital Converters MOD – C 4000:  Graphic…


Marine Emissions Monitoring System MOD -1006 Engine Air Pollutions Control

The model MOD-1006 Marine Emissions Monitoring System is complete measuring system with analyzers, sample conditioning and data acquisition with PC incorporated within the single cabinet. The system comprises an infra-red analyzers and advanced sample conditioning assembly to produce accurate and reliable measurement by CO2, NOx and SO2. The measuring system is contained in a cabinet,…


Optimized Blending of Butane in Gasoline

Optimized Blending of Butane in Gasoline Gasoline is composed of a mixture of different refinery process streams obtained from the FCC naphtha, catalytic reformate, alkylates and isomerate. Each of these components compose to the overall physical property that characteristic for gasoline. Physical properties of gasoline must comply with the required specification, according the regulations and…

Chemical Plant

BEACON 3000 – the New Concept in Chemical Industries and Biotechnology

BEACON 3000 – the New Concept in Chemical Industries and Biotechnology The Beacon 3000 NIR process analyzer has a proven reputation in on-line measuring multiple chemical and physical properties in refinery process streams. However, is the Beacon 3000 really limited to refinery operations only? The Beacon 3000 has the ability to measure on-line and instantaneously…


Heated Enclosures

HEATPAK is a partial enclosure system that provides freeze protection and high pour point temperature maintenance for the process wetted portions of transmitter installations. Retrofit for existing applications Engineered system for new installations Low cost alternative to disposable insulation Steam and electric heat Low profile Easy to order and install


Coated Tubing

Industry standard tubing with an extruded SV47 jacket J-LINE® is used in applications where additional corrosion protection or mechanical protection is required. J Line is not insulated or heated. J-Line tubing is ideal for pneumatic and hydraulic applications in corrosive atmospheres. Industry standard tubing coated with O’Brien SV47 polymer provides increased protection against galvanic and atmospheric…


Insulated Tubing Bundles

A weather-proofed, preinsulated single tubing line S-LINE®  is designed specifiically for liquid and gas transport lines where heat loss and personnel protection and heat loss are important. S-LINE offers an inexpensive alternative to field insulation and weatherproofing of small diameter lines. Typical Applications Steam supply lines Condensate return lines Small diameter process lines Product Features Personnel…


Steam Traced Bundles

Steam traced tubing bundles may be used for analyzers and instrument impulse lines. Light tracing (TPL) places a measure of insulstion between the steam tracer and the process tube. It is generally used to provide freeze protection for instrument impulse lines and process lines for analyzers. Light steam tracing provides protection over a longer length than than…


Electric Traced Bundles

Advantages of Electric Tracers Maintains freeze protection, close temperature tolerances or viscosity control. Excellent for maintaining long, continuous lengths of impulse lines and piping at consistent temperatures. Good for situations where steam is not available or steam supply could be interrupted, such as during shutdowns. Complete design package – we’ll provide engineering support and failure…


pH/ORP and Conductivity Sensors

Offering a superior solution for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and other ultra-sanitary applications, Modcon’s MOD-P12 allows users to install a wide variety of Ø12 x 120 mm, steam-sterilizable pH electrodes directly inline for the most demanding downstream processes. Where two or three sensors would normally be required, one Modcon conductivity sensor delivers linear and reliable measurements over…


UV Absorption, Transmission and Concentration Sensors

UV Absorption, Transmission and Concentration Sensors Modcon UV sensors can be effectively applied to a broad range of process applications measuring Ultra-violet absorbance, transmittance, optical density, and chemical concentrations from low parts-per-million (PPM), to high percent-levels. These UV analyzers can be calibrated non-intrusively to NIST-traceable standards. Typical UV applications include: Chromatographic separation, amino acid concentration,…


Color and Concentration Sensors

Color and Concentration Sensors Modcon colorimeters, VIS-NIR concentration analyzers, and color monitors are ideal for a multitude of real-time measurements for improved process control. Installed directly in process pipelines, tanks and vessels using flow-through and probe type sensors, these reliable analyzers can be configured to measure the concentration of numerous chemicals and can be correlated…