turnkeyPetroleum Products NIR Analyzer represents a breakthrough in pipeline products identification, their quality and interface on-line monitoring. The intrinsically safe probe and low system cost result from a combination of innovative optics and the patented application of standard, optical, fiber technology to NIR analysis.

The Main Analyzer is located in the Operator Room of filling terminal or tanks site, protected from the process environment. The Main Analyzer connects, via telecommunications fiber optics, to the Field Units, which are installed up to 3 km (2 miles) away, close to the pipelines or blending module. Up to 15 Field Units can be connected to one Main Analyzer. The Field Unit uses no electricity, and contains no moving parts. This 100% optical probe requires no explosion proof housing or analyzer shelter. Proprietary window material prevents fouling and eliminates the need to dismantle and clean the probe. Little or no conditioning is required, further increasing the system’s reliability.


Measured properties include: Motor Octane, Research Octane, Total Aromatics, Distillation Points, Oxygenates, API Gravity, Cloud Point, Flash Point, Pour Point, Cetane index, Reid Vapor Pressure, Benzene, etc.