ANACON is a full-distributed Analyzer Management and Control System that was developed to provide more efficient tools for maintenance, calibration and validation of the analyzer systems. It was configured to be connected to remote systems using communication links like TCP/IP or RS-485. ANACON was developed to be run on Microsoft Windows platform. ANACON is able to monitor the operating state of the installed equipment and validate a wide variety of analyzers and instruments. Once an analyzer or instrument is validated, ANACON will evaluate and register the results using statistical rules.

Benefits using ANACON

  • Monitor and control a wide range of analyzers
  • Graphical display of the data from multiple analyzers
  • Provide historical data on analyzer performance
  • Manage validation procedures according to ASTM D3764

Graphical Display and Maintenance Tools

  • Graphical display tool not only provides on-line information from the multiple analyzers but also allows viewing historical data which is archived automatically upon configuration.
  • Maintenance tools are based on a TCP/IP communication link, which allows remote access to the selected analyzer’s server for remote maintenance and calibration procedures.

Analyzer Validation

ANACON software supports two validation methods according to ASTM D3764:

Reference Sample Method – mostly used for laboratory Analyzer validation whilelaboratory measured sample is then introduced into the analyzer.

Line Sample Method – while previously obtained analyzer results are compared with laboratory analyses using the appropriate ASTM or other test method

Freetune Calibration

FreeTune is a proprietary software package replacing the model-based and other calibration techniques. This technology is field proven within the petroleum refining industry. Freetune surpasses other techniques by accurately quantifying properties without the need for model maintenance and fine-tuning.

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