MOD 4100-S Salt in Crude Oil Analyser

On-line measurement of the salt concentration in crude oil plays an important role in the crude oil chain, from the well-head until entering the crude distillation unit. The MOD-4100-S is an on-line salt in crude oil analyzer, which is designed to provide real time analytical data of the salt content in crude oils. Its technology correlates with ASTM D3230, an electrometric method, which determines the salt concentration in crude oil by measuring the conductivity a sample of crude oil  a  mixture of an xylene and a mixed solvent of Methanol and Butanol.

The MOD 4100-S salt in crude analysers is applied to measure the salt content in the entire crude oil chain, from the oil well, during transportation and storage, during blending, and before and after entering the desalter.

The integrated sampling handling and conditioning systems of the MOD 4100-S  salt in crude analysers guarantees the sample to enter the analyser at the proper conditions that are required by the analysers.

Benefits of the MOD 4100S Salt in crude analyser 

  • Provides on-line data about the salt content at the oil-well head.
  • Provides on line data of the salt content prior and after shipment.
  • Provides on-line data of the salt content prior and after blending.
  • Provides on-line data of the salt content before entering, and after leaving, the desalter.
  • Indicates the desalter efficiency.
  • Allows on-line optimization of the desalter process conditions.
  • Reduces water, chemicals and energy consumption in the desalters.
  • Real time information of the salt content of crude oil crude oil entering the CDU.
  • Reduces Corrosion, preventing plugging and fouling of pipelines.

 System Configuration

The new MOD 4100-S On-line Analytical System is a complete equipment set

  • MOD-4100-S allows real time analysis of critical crude oil properties under field conditions.
  • Continuous crude oil sampling from pipelines, tanks or process vessels, its filtration and separation from solid particles.
  • The analyser is equipped with an integrated sampling handling and sample condition system, to bring the samples to physical condition that is required by the analyser.
  • Integrated Analyser control system.
  • Transfer of analysis results to customer’s control room DCS.
  • No analyzer shelter is required
  • MOD 4100-S is ATEX ExD approved for zone 1


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