MOD-1022 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer is a real-time hydrocarbon gas analyzer based on advanced photonics platform. Calibrated for Hydrocarbon Gas composition monitoring and heating value analysis, this package is optimized for gas-phase product analysis containing C1– C6 alkane gases as typically found in refineries and LNG industry.


  • Analysis in seconds
    — Real-time, continuous measurement
    — Suitable for process control applications
    — Robust feedback control, eliminates needs for complex feed-forward modeling
  • No carrier gas or fuel gas requirements
    — Low operational costs for remote and unattended use
    — Minimal infrastructure requirement, suitable for small-scale plants
  • Robust calibration
    — Full hydrocarbon speciation without columns
    — <0.2% zero-drift per month
  • Flow-through sensor design
    — No sensitivity to pressure and flow variations
    — Minimized potential sampling and phase change issues
  • Compact, outdoor rated, low power
    — Well suited for transportable spot check applications
    — NEMA4X, IP66, can be engine or manifold mounted


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MOD-1022 LPG Analyzer
MOD-1022 Ethylene Gas Analyzer
MOD-1022 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer
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