MOD-1022 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer is a real-time hydrocarbon gas analyzer based on an advanced photonics platform. Calibrated for Hydrocarbon Gas composition monitoring and heating value analysis, this package is optimized for gas-phase product analysis containing C1– C6 alkane gases as typically found in refineries and the LNG industry.

Features & Benefits Of The Mod-1022 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer

  • Analysis in seconds
    — Real-time, continuous measurement
    — Suitable for process control applications
    — Robust feedback control, eliminates the need for complex feed-forward modeling
  • No carrier gas or fuel gas requirements
    — Low operational costs for remote and unattended use
    — Minimal infrastructure requirement, suitable for small-scale plants
  • Robust calibration
    — Full hydrocarbon speciation without columns
    — <0.2% zero-drift per month
  • Flow-through sensor design
    — No sensitivity to pressure and flow variations
    — Minimized potential sampling and phase change issues
  • Compact, outdoor rated, low power
    — Well suited for transportable spot check applications
    — NEMA4X, IP66, can be engine or manifold mounted


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Frequently Asked Questions about MOD-1022 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer

What is the MOD-1022 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer?

The MOD-1022 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer is an advanced, real-time gas analyzer specifically designed for monitoring the component composition and heating value of hydrocarbon gases. Utilizing a sophisticated photonics platform, it is calibrated for gases containing C1–C6 alkane gases, making it ideal for applications in refineries and the LNG industry. Its technology allows for continuous, real-time measurements, enhancing process control and efficiency.

How does the MOD-1022 analyze hydrocarbon gases?

The MOD-1022 operates on a cutting-edge photonics platform that enables real-time, continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon gas compositions. This analyzer performs robust feedback control, eliminating the need for complex feed-forward modeling and providing full hydrocarbon speciation without the use of columns. Its flow-through sensor design is not affected by pressure and flow variations, ensuring accurate and reliable data.

What are the key features and benefits of the MOD-1022 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer?

Key features of the MOD-1022 include real-time analysis, no requirement for carrier or fuel gases, and a robust calibration with less than 0.2% zero-drift per month. Benefits include significantly lower operational costs, minimal infrastructure needs, and suitability for both large-scale and small-scale applications. Its compact, robust design with NEMA4X and IP66 ratings makes it suitable for harsh outdoor environments and transportable applications.

How does gas analysis work in the MOD-1022?

Gas analysis with the MOD-1022 involves direct, real-time measurement of hydrocarbon gases through its photonics-based technology. The analyzer's sophisticated calibration allows it to distinguish between different hydrocarbon components (C1-C6 alkanes) efficiently, offering immediate feedback and control options for process optimization. This method provides a dynamic tool for managing and improving production processes in the gas industry.

What makes the MOD-1022 suitable for process control applications?

The MOD-1022 is engineered for process control due to its capability for continuous and real-time monitoring. The robust feedback control system enhances operational reliability and process safety by providing instantaneous data, which is critical for maintaining optimal conditions in dynamic process environments. Its design minimizes potential sampling errors and phase change issues, further enhancing its suitability for process control.

Why does the MOD-1022 not require carrier or fuel gases?

The MOD-1022 does not require carrier or fuel gases, which significantly reduces its operational costs and infrastructure requirements. This feature makes the analyzer especially suitable for remote and unattended operations where maintaining a supply of carrier gases is logistically challenging or economically unfeasible. This also benefits smaller-scale plants looking to reduce overhead and complexity in their gas analysis operations.

Can the MOD-1022 be used in outdoor and harsh environments?

Yes, the MOD-1022 is specifically designed for outdoor use and can operate effectively in harsh environments. Its compact and robust construction is rated NEMA4X and IP66, protecting it against dust, water, and other environmental factors. Additionally, its ability to be engine or manifold-mounted allows for flexible deployment in various field conditions, including transportable spot-check applications.