Pipeline Security

Pipeline companies are faced with the growing need to protect their assets from different kinds of malicious activities, ranging from simple theft to terrorism. Another dimension of the problem is the growing concern for environmental protection from fluid product leaks. The system detects different hazards as well as leaks, and immediately and effectively alarms the…


Intrinsic Safety

The products range from industry renowned barriers and isolators through to sophisticated process control products; all have been designed for the harsh environments often encountered in the process industry. For the majority of IS applications there is a choice of either a barrier or an isolator.   The complete range of ground breaking Industrial Ethernet…


Remote Monitoring System for Dangerous Goods

Remote Monitoring System for Dangerous Goods MODCON SYSTEMS presents the new approach and technology in the field of transport and industrial security. We utilize the modern communication and sensing technologies in our products   The Threads: Every year millions tonns of dangerous chemicals are transporting by Land, Sea and Air. One of the main challenges…


ANACON Software

ANACON is a full-distributed Analyzer Management and Control System that was developed to provide more efficient tools for maintenance, calibration and validation of the analyzer systems. It was configured to be connected to remote systems using communication links like TCP/IP or RS-485. ANACON was developed to be run on Microsoft Windows platform. ANACON is able…

Analyzer Systems

Analyzer Systems

Process Analyzer Systems Modcon provides complete integrated analyzer systems and all related services from initial engineering through manufacturing, testing and field start-up. Analyzers Systems are normally supplied installed in the special Analyzer Houses including air-conditioning, power distribution, lighting, termination and junction boxes, gas and flame detection, relevant piping and wiring. Process sample probes and sample…

Analyzer shelters composition

Analyzer Houses

Process Analyzer Houses Modcon Analyzer Houses are versatile enough to accommodate virtually any combination of required analyzers, sample conditioning systems and analyzer management systems. The analyzer houses normally have a facility for remote real time monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance via secured industrial network, offering complete remote access solutions through a choice of embedded routers using…


Maxum Edition II

This process gas chromatograph, which has resulted from decades of international experience and technology development, leads the industry in capability, flexibility and reliability. The Maxum edition II is used in all branches of the fine chemicals, refining and hydrocarbon processing industries. It performs chemical composition analysis of gases and liquids that are present in all…



MicroSAM , the newest on-line Process Gas Chromatograph from Siemens, brings a new dimension to the industry – small! Using modern silicon micro-machining techniques achieves miniature size while simultaneously increasing power and versatility. The explosion-proof enclosure contains everything you need for separation and detection of the measured sample integrated into the space of a small…



SITRANS SL is a diode laser gas analyzer with a measuring principle based on the specific light absorption of different gas components. SITRANS SL is suitable for fast and non-contact measurement of gas concentrations in process or flue gases. The sensors (transmitter and receiver) are meant to be mounted directly on the process with no…



SITRANS CV is the consequent advancement of a micro process chromatograph based on MEMS technology to a calorific value (CV/BTU) analyser with high performance. The analyser can be used also in rough environment because of its rugged and compact design. The unique multiple and in-line analytical functions open up new possibilities and provide shorter analysis…


MOD-6400 Total Sulfur process analyzer

MOD-6400 XRT Total Sulfur Analyzer Total sulfur is an important parameter to monitor and control raw material, intermediates and/or final products for process optimization and blending in bunkering terminals, refineries, pipelines, and storage facilities. An online analysis of total sulfur can be deployed at many points in the process and provides the means to monitor…


Beacon-3000 NIR Analyzer

The Beacon 3000 is an inline, multi-channel Process NIR Analyzer. It enables non-contact, real-time monitoring and closed-loop control of physical properties and chemical composition in industrial process applications. The Beacon 3000 NIR analyzer is ideal for monitoring petroleum, chemical and petrochemical products. Based on novel algorithms, the Beacon 3000 measures the absorption spectrum in the…


Mobile Emissions Monitor

The model MOD-1002 Mobile Emissions Monitor is easily transported system, designed to provide affordable state-of-the-art accuracy, stability and reliability. The system comprises an infra-red / paramagnetic analysers and advanced sample conditioning assembly to produce accurate and reliable measurement of four components simultaneously: 0-25% Oxygen 0-100 ppm / 0-1000 ppm CO 0-100 ppm / 0-1000 ppm…


Transmitters and Meters

Transmitters are an integral part of on-line measurement systems used to monitor and control industrial processes. METTLER TOLEDO offers a comprehensive range of transmitters for pH, DO, conductivity, resistivity, TOC, dissolved ozone, turbidity, CO2 and flow. A wide range of transmitters meet specific customer needs in many different industries and with highest standards in line…


pH and Redox Sensors

Monitoring of pH and redox (ORP) is important in many different industrial processes to reduce cost and optimize yield. The requirements of various industry processes are different. For example, in chemical processes sensors must withstand acids or caustic solutions at high temperatures. The electrodes may also require be certification for use in hazardous areas. In…


Conductivity / Resistivity Sensors

Conductivity measurements are carried out in industrial processes primarily to obtain information on total ionic concentrations (e.g. dissolved compounds) in aqueous solutions. Widely used applications are water purification, CIP/SIP control and the measurement of concentration levels in solutions. The measuring system consists of an appropriate inline sensor directly inserted or in a housing, a cable…


TOC / Total Organic Carbon Instruments

Features Continuous flow design provides rapid TOC response. Gas and reagent-free operation. Ultra low TOC detection limit and wide dynamic range. Meets USP , and EP 2.2.44 requirements. RS232 and 4-20 mA outputs. Benefits Continuous analysis, no time-consuming batch measurement cycle. Obtains real data as it happens and reacts with alarms when necessary. Low maintenance:…


O3 / Dissolved Ozone Sensors

THORNTON dissolved ozone sensors are designed for reliable monitoring in the sanitization of pharmaceutical waters and semiconductor ultrapure water. They give reliable and accurate response and require only infrequent, simple maintenance. They provide stable measurements both in normal ozonation ranges and near zero, after ozone destruction. Dissolved ozone sensors connect to the widely used THORNTON…



Turbidity measurements provide data on the concentration of undissolved, suspended particles present in a liquid phase. The determined particle concentration is used for process monitoring and optimization e.g. to control biomass growth, crystallization and filtration processes or concentration measurement of solid matters in wastewater. Two optical turbidity measurement solutions are available: one is based on…


CO2 / Dissolved Carbon Dioxide

Besides pH and dissolved oxygen measurements, reliable monitoring and control of the CO2 partial pressure is important for successful fermentation. The oxidation of carbohydrates to CO2 water results from aerobic respiration. METTLER TOLEDO’s new CO2 measuring system is specially designed for in-situ measurement into a bioreactor and therefore “registrates” exactly the same partial pressure as…