MOD-1022 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer

MOD-1022 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer is a real-time hydrocarbon gas analyzer based on advanced photonics platform. Calibrated for Hydrocarbon Gas composition monitoring and heating value analysis, this package is optimized for gas-phase product analysis containing C1– C6 alkane gases as typically found in refineries and LNG industry. FEATURES & BENEFITS Analysis in seconds — Real-time, continuous measurement…


Moisture Analyser for Fuels and Petroleum Liquids

Moisture Analyser for Fuels and Petroleum Liquids The MOD-4400 was developed for on-line measuring of the moisture content in fuels and petroleum liquids, flowing through pipelines. Its principle is based on  Radio Frequency Dielectric Sensors Technology. Moisture and water play an important role in the oil industries, starting from the oil well throughout transportation, storage…


Process Photometers

МОD-C-4000/8000 Оn-line Process Photometers MOD-C-4000/8000 unique modular design makes it possible to adapt high performance photometric and electro-chemical sensors to virtually any process. This flexibility applies to all sensor types making Modcon sensors suitable for real-time measurements independent of the application, process connection or measuring location. MOD-C-4000/8000 online process sensors are available in either a… Details
Crude analyzer Ronny3

MOD 4100 Crude Oil Analyser

MOD 4100 All-in-One Crude Oil Analyzer On-line quality analysis of the crude oil properties is important to allow evaluating the crude oils at any time. The newly redesigned MOD-4100 crude analyzer represents a breakthrough in crude oil on-line analysis. It is a single analyzer, that performs on-line a variety of different critical crude oil measurements…


ANACON Software

ANACON is a full-distributed Analyzer Management and Control System that was developed to provide more efficient tools for maintenance, calibration and validation of the analyzer systems. It was configured to be connected to remote systems using communication links like TCP/IP or RS-485. ANACON was developed to be run on Microsoft Windows platform. ANACON is able…

Analyzer Systems

Analyzer Systems

Process Analyzer Systems Modcon provides complete integrated analyzer systems and all related services from initial engineering through manufacturing, testing and field start-up. Analyzers Systems are normally supplied installed in the special Analyzer Houses including air-conditioning, power distribution, lighting, termination and junction boxes, gas and flame detection, relevant piping and wiring. Process sample probes and sample…

Analyzer shelters composition

Analyzer Houses

Process Analyzer Houses Modcon Analyzer Houses are versatile enough to accommodate virtually any combination of required analyzers, sample conditioning systems and analyzer management systems. The analyzer houses normally have a facility for remote real time monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance via secured industrial network, offering complete remote access solutions through a choice of embedded routers using…


Gas Chromatographs

Process Gas Chromatograph Modcon has an extensive experience with Applied Automation process gas chromatographs from early 80’s when very first on-line analyzers were installed at oil refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide. Our current offer for PGC applications is based on Siemens MAXUM edition II and MicroSam solutions which are compatible with the Applied Automation's Advance… Details