Color and Concentration Sensors

Modcon colorimeters, VIS-NIR concentration analyzers, and color monitors are ideal for a multitude of real-time measurements for improved process control. Installed directly in process pipelines, tanks and vessels using flow-through and probe type sensors, these reliable analyzers can be configured to measure the concentration of numerous chemicals and can be correlated to many color scales including: APHA, ASTM, Saybolt, ASBC-SRM, ICUMSA, AOCS, HAZEN and others. Typical applications include the concentration of: Bromine, chlorine dioxide, chlorine, nickel, copper, chromium, hemoglobin, chlorophyll as well as color addition and removal control, leak detection/carryover, product interface and dosing/blending control.

Inline (Pipelines)

MOD-A26 Ultra-Low to Ultra-High Color & Concentration – Precision, Dual Wavelength

MOD-A16 Low to High Color & Concentration without turbidity compensation – Single Wavelength

Probes (Tanks, Vessels & Pipelines)

MOD-S16 Low to High Color & Concentration

MOD-S56-F Medium to High Color & Concentration for Blending Control and Interface Detection